Why should you be ordinary when you are  extraordinary?!


Kristene Boston~Owner

I am so thrilled that everyone who wears a creation from my shop knows that they are getting high quality original items worthy of their unique personality.

When I started tribal belly dancing in 2010, I had a really hard time finding harem pants! All of the available options were either really expensive or made of really poor quality and fell apart! I kept saying to myself, ” There must be something better out there!” Alas, I couldn’t find it.

So starting with fabric from the fabric store down the street I set about making harem pants that I wanted to wear and that didn’t break the budget. After LOTS of experientation on fit, lots of failed attempts and lots of frustration, the perfect harem pant was born! the first pair of ‘perfect’ pants? Flames of course!

When others started to see the possibilities they too wanted a pair for their own! Soon dancers from other tribes all over Colorado were stoping mid-sentence to inquire about the fun pattern or the soft and silky textures of my pantaloons. On more than one occasion I heard “OOOOO” SHINY!” Followed by a good natured “SQUIRREL!” and so Shinny Squirrel was born.

After a few months it became apparent that the time had come to bring the fabulousness to the masses. The obvious choice was Etsy! The problem was that the name Shiny Squirrel was already taken (although that shop was never opened). Since I already had a huge following that new me as ‘Shiny Squirrel’ I decided to keep the name, but to misspell it. I thougth of changing it to something ‘new and improved’ when I opened my website in 2016, but my huge fan base said absolutely not! Turns out they love it!

Over the years I have become the premier maker of the hand tie-tyed skirt, sumptuous choli, eye catching harem pants, and much, much, more. By limiting my quantities I can keep bringing you the tantalizing patterns, the decadent fabrics and as always the high quality and outstanding customer service you deserve! After all we are belly dancers and WE LOVE ALL THE SHINY THINGS!!!

Even though Shinny Squirrel has grown by leaps and bounds, you can always count on me to be there for you! My customer service is just ONE fo the things people rave about, as reflected by the 800+ Five star (*****) reviews on Etsy!