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These hand dyed 25 yard belly dance skirts are lovingly dyed by me in any color of the rainbow. You’ll be the envy of everyone you know. Feel confident and look stunning in these eye-popping custom tie-dyed 15 or 25 yards skirts. Everyone will want to know where you got it and how they can have one too! Feel all eyes on you as you saunter by, skirt dancing off your hips!

Each skirt is dyed at the time of ordering and no 2 skirts will be exactly the same.  They are made out of fluffy, high quality 100% cotton and is a true 25 yard skirt. In addition every skirt is customizable to your specifications.  Want more of one color or less of another?  Let me know!

Every skirt has a drawstring and elastic waist that will stretch to about 52″.  Available in 34″,36″ or 39″ lengths (25 yard only), 15 yard (36″) or high quality cotton lurex (25 yards & 36″ or 40″ long and custom made for me out of the same quality fabric as my other skirts.  No nasty gauze that falls like a limp rag.).
Please wash in cold water and dry flat.