Custom orders

Looking to custom make something?

 I would love to help create exactly what you are looking for.  Whether is is a custom tie dyed skirt, dyed harem pants or finding the perfect fabric for your new harem pantaloons I can help you out.  I LOVE custom work!  

Here’s a few things to get you started. 

~If you want a custom tie dyed skirt keep in mind the colors you are mixing!  Think back to your days using water colors.  When certain colors mixed other colors are made.  So if you add red and blue you will get some shade or purple.  Orange and purple and it comes out a funky shade of brown.  

~Yes, longer lengths and larger waists are available on all of my dyed skirts, usually without extra costs.   Please contact me.

~If you are looking for custom fabrics for pants.  I am limited to what I can find in the market place.  I search the world, but sometimes it isn’t there.

~Please keep in mind that it WILL take longer for me to do custom work.