Hand crochet hip scarves

Hand-crocheted hip shawls use nearly 600 yards of quality wool, silk and durable acrylic blends to create a lush fabric with enough body to hold its shape if you wrap & tuck your skirts.

Whether vibrant jewel tones or deep, earthy shades, these finely crafted pieces will fancy up your wardrobe and does double-duty as a shoulder wrap for cool nights and non-dance days!

Braided ties allow for a range of hip sizes, most hip scarves are 36″ across at the top of the scarf and about 27″ long.

My fabulous crochet squirrel, Lisa creates these with her own two hands. Some colors are available in troupe quantities. Lisa does accept custom orders Send Kristene a email with your request. Please allow 4 weeks for special orders.

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